Member Benefits



* Only valid for online joiners


For a one off initial fee of £45* for all new members who join online - you can join the SWI and be part of this inspiring organisation.

*Note: Annual levy charge applicable to chosen institute. Varies between £20 - £30 per annum. Simply ask for details.

  • Simply fill in the form to join up and make payment
  • Download your membership card
  • Take along to your nearest or preferred institute (Find your nearest here >)
  • Take a tour of a few institutes if you like and choose the one best for you
  • Sign up to your preferred and start to engage with all the activities
  • Online Joiners receive a year's subscription to the SWI ‘Women Together’ magazine with inspiring articles, news and insights

Keeping in touch with our members

As a Scotland-wide organisation and having members in the heart of our cities, right to the remotest edges of Scotland, we aim to keep in touch with our members as frequently as we can to ensure you are all up-to-date with news, events and information.

Here's just some of the ways we will keep in-touch with you and we welcome you to keep in touch with us too. (We all love a good natter, let's be honest!)

  • Federation level letters
  • Institute meetings
  • The SWI magazine
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Good old word of mouth

To help us keep in touch, we would love to have all our member's email addresses so we can email you news as and when it happens.

Please log your email address here, it will take about 20 seconds >

Inspired to set up a new group?

If you are interested in joining the SWI and don't feel there is an existing Institute to suit your needs or vision, we would be delighted to speak to you about setting up a new group.

We have had over 6 new groups formed this year alone and they are attracting around 300 new potential members, and growing!

How to get started:

  • Identify what the group is about / you need something to sell to attract members. 
    The first thing to do is identify what it is exactly you wish to achieve and why. Talk to your friends who you think would like to join your group and ask them why and what they would hope to get out of such a group. This will give you an idea of whom you wish to attract as members and what it is that you must do to engage with these women.

  • Get in touch with the SWI. Phone Headquarters in Edinburgh for help and advice, 0131 225 1724 and speak to Raymond Pratt, our General Secretary. Alternatively ring Amanda Kubie, 01721 729 601, Pilot Project coordinator, or contact your Federation Secretary.
  • Identify a venue. You will want to hold an introductory meeting so identify a venue. For this first meeting keep everything casual so choose a cafe or a pub or some such place. You will also have to consider that you may need a hall or larger private venue for some meetings if you have invited a demonstrator or a speaker. Talk to the people who run the venues and tell them about your group. Put up posters at the venues.

  • Communicate. Advertise that you will be starting the new group: tell your friends; put an advert in the local newspaper and free papers; put something on Facebook and use other social media; put notices up on notice boards in your community; print some attractive business cards announcing your new group and inviting people to your first meeting. (Advice on Facebook can be sought from Tricker PR who can advise about advertising on the SWI Facebook page.)

  • Invite everyone for an initial casual get together. We can offer advice on how to do this and what format can work well. Just ask us and we'll happily share our knowledge and experience with you

  • What happens next? Follow up, sharing your news and experience and planning for future meetings is all part of the excitement. There's more information about this in our pack, which we'll share with you after speaking about the group set up.