Smoked Haddock and Leek Risotto with Poached Egg

By Lindsay Guidi, Home Cook School

A home cook from the youngest possible age, I took inspiration from my mother and grandmother who always believed in involving children in the preparation of family meals. In later years this investment paid dividends for my art school contemporaries who were regularly treated to my delicious, yet economical, banquets!

Travel has since provided the stimulus for my broad repertoire of cuisines, and a lucky circle of friends and family have helped to test it out at every opportunity to help hone my  technique. 

However, until 2014, cooking had always been nothing more than a passionate hobby for me. That’s when I finally took the plunge and left my career as a lecturer in pursuit of turning a passion into a profession.

Home Cook School was born! The perfect combination of my professional training as an educator alongside my passion for food.

Fast forward to present day and Home Cook School now offers everything from group tutorial sessions for beginners right up to one-to-one masterclasses. You can also hire me and my team of professional chefs and service staff to run your very own dinner party and, of course, there’s a full outside catering service available for any occasion.

In 2018 and 2019 respectively, Home Cook School was listed in the national press and Visit Scotland as one of the top 10 cook schools in the country and we’re proud to be part of the ‘Ayrshire Food Network’. That means that you’ll find high quality, locally procured ingredients in everything they do.

What a journey.....who knows what the next chapter will bring?


Smoked Haddock and Leek Risotto with Poached Egg

A bit about the dish: 

Since my teens, I holidayed in Barga, Tuscany. Later, my family bought a house there. When I met my boyfriend (now husband), we were delighted to discover that his family heritage was from the same village where my mother had her house. This fabulous place connected us (by sheer luck). We holidayed there together and just loved the simple, great quality Tuscan food and the pride the Italians have in their produce. We eventually got married there. I learned recipes from my husband’s family, my family in Italy and by copying dishes I had eaten in restaurants there. 

I’m a Scottish girl at heart though and feel we should relish our indigenous ingredients with the same lustre that the Italians do. This recipe is a fusion of the traditional risotto with some tasty Scottish staples - leeks and smoked haddock. Leeks are used instead of the traditional onion and garlic for their sweetness and colour and work beautifully with the smoky fish. Give it a go!


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