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Aberdeenshire Ladies Night at KwikFit

A very successful Winter safety night was held by KwikFit at their Hutcheon Street branch to advise the Deen Diva's and other SWI ladies how to be car ready for the winter months.
you can see more pictures in the gallery section of the Members Area.

Chairman's letter

I hope you have all enjoyed the summer break whether at home or in nice warm climates. As the nights draw in and the mornings are a little cooler, I hope you are all planning your winter activities. 

My summer has been fairly hectic. At the beginning of August, I attended Summer School in Ayr which was a very busy but extremely friendly event. All the classes were well attended and members produced amazing work. 

The Out and About ladies scored as the weather was tremendous. You will read more about this in a separate article.  We have now secured Stirling University as our venue for Summer School 2018 and this will take place week beginning 30 July.

The Saturday following Summer School I attended Kinross Agricultural Show, where the Kinross Group had a wonderful display of competitions. I had the honour of presenting an honorary president badge and certificate to Janie Buchanan who was made honorary president of Kinross Group in the Perth and Kinross Federation. I have known Janie for many years: she’s a stalwart of SWI and it was an honour well deserved.

The following day, I travelled along with Irene Smith, president of Burrelton and Woodside, to Cullen to attend the Outdoor Bowling on the Monday. Not being exactly sure of the route to Cullen I followed my in-car sat nav.

My husband always says you should trust it – well if we had, I do not know where we would have ended up! At one point, it took us off the main road, up a one- track road between fields and back on to the road we had just left. 

We got there eventually and had a lovely day despite the dreadful weather. Thanks to Banffshire Federation for all their hospitality and organisation. All the ladies who took part must be commended for their stamina in such wet conditions: those of us who were inside said the bowling green looked like a crime scene with the majority in long white coats and hoods.

Perth and Kinross Federation past chairmen meet once a year for a lunch and being the ‘new’ past chairman I was invited this year. It was a lovely afternoon with a lot of Rural chat. I left for my summer holiday the next day where we had a nice relaxing time – it was so hot you could do nothing but relax!  Unfortunately, I came home with the dreaded holiday tummy and thought I would not make the National Golf Final the next day. 

However, as we do, I gave myself a shake and travelled to Coldstream with fellow member Linda Smith. Berwickshire Federation did a marvellous job of organising this event at Hirsel Golf Club - they even had a stall at the 10th hole with home baking and refreshments.

There are a number of events between now and the end of the year including a trip to Shetland Federation. The last time I visited Shetland I went as an Evelyn Baxter Scholar in 2007 so I am looking forward to returning and meeting many of their members.

Thinking ahead, on 7 October we have the Quiz and Matter of Opinion Competition at Stonehaven, and on 11 November we will be entertained with the 15 Minute Variety Competition in Lockerbie.  These are always enjoyable days so make sure you have your tickets!

And for fun - did you get taught any of these?  


My Mother taught me about the weather –“This room of yours looks like a tornado went through it.”

My Mother taught me about Stamina – “You’ll sit there until all that spinach is gone.”

My Mother taught me about wisdom – “When you get to my age you’ll understand.”

And my very favourite -

My Mother taught me justice – “One day you’ll have kids and I hope they turn out just like you.”  (Taken from an article in the Irish Federation Magazine)

Handcrafts Judges Certificates Spring 2018

Handcraft Judges Certificates will be in the SWI Headquarters, 42 Heriot Row, Edinburgh - dates to be confirmed - the subjects are as follows:

Appliqué, Basketry, Canvas Work, Counted Thread, Fabric Boxes, Macramé, Hand Patchwork, Plain Sewing and Upholstery.

Information has been sent to your Federation Handcrafts & Housewives Secretaries.

Please contact them should you wish to apply.

The closing date for applications is December 8th 2017.