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The Anstruther Gray Drama Competition has been cancelled due to the low response.


There will be a Casalguidi Embroidery class at SWI Headquarters, 42 Heriot Row, EH3 6ES. The Tutor will be Jane Currie.  The dates are the 4th – 6th December 2019. 

This class is open to all experienced embroiderers who would like the challenge of learning a new skill. The deadline for applications is Friday the 8th of November and the cost is £75.00. This does not include the materials. There is a limited number of spaces available, so please apply early. For further information please contact the H&H Event Co-ordinator by email:  or by telephone 0131 285 7117.

Casalguidi Embroidery

This style of embroidery originated in the small village of Casalguidi near Pistoia in Norther Italy. The embroidery techniques used to make Casalguidi embroidery are what makes it so interesting. It is worked on linen with a background of pulled work which contrasts well with the sculptured raised embroidery effect. The rough texture of the needle lace, buttonhole bars and raised stem band, contrast well with the smooth bullion knots and wrapped scrolls. This gives it a feeling of stumpwork. Articles can be embellished further with the addition of tassels and bobbles.

During the 3-day workshop all the techniques will be taught and practiced to produce a small piece of interesting Casalguidi embroidery.

While working, a brief history of the technique will be discussed to gain a better insight of the technique.




The 2020 Scottish Country Dance Weekend for SWI members will be held in Fisher’s Hotel, Pitlochry on 6-8 March 2020.  Further information and the application form are available to download from the members area, login is required (Committees/Education & International Committee/Scottish Country Dance Weekend). 

The closing date for applications is Friday 24th November 2019.

Please note that there will no longer be a ballot and the applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis.  If the event is over-subscribed, a waiting list will be put into place.




Small Singing Group Competition - 28th March 2020

The Small Singing Group Competition will take place on 28th March 2020 at Lomond Parish Church, Main Street, Bonhill G83 9HR.  The application form and music choice can be downloaded from the members area of the website, login required (Committees/Education & International/Small Singing Group Competition).

Please return part one of the form by email/post by Friday 14th December 2019.  Part two should be returned by Friday 31st January 2020.

If you require further information, please contact the Education and International Events Co-ordinator or 0131 285 7116

Handcrafts Weekend School - 3rd-5th April 2020

Please come and join us for the Handcrafts Weekend School.  The classes on offer are:

‘Buttons, Braids & Tassels’ Tutor – Brenda Simpson

‘Silk Ribbon Embroidery’ – Tutor – Heather King

This will be held at

Fisher’s Hotel, Pitlochry - 3rd – 5th April 2020

 If you are interested please contact the H&H Event Co-ordinator by email:  by telephone 0131 285 7117

2020 SWI National Stadium Bowling Competition - 20th April 2020

SC & WP Federation will host the 2020 SWI National Stadium Bowling Competition at the Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club, Glasgow Road, Camelon, Falkirk, KY1 4HJ on Monday 20th April 2020. Please note that this is a triples competition.

 If your Federation wishes to compete, please complete and return the form no later than Friday 17 January 2020.  The form and further information has been sent to Federation Secretaries and can also be downloaded from the members area of the website, login required (Committees/Education & International/2020 SWI National Stadium Bowling Competition.   

If you have an queries please contact the Education & International Committee Events Co-ordinator at


Theme 'Journeys'

Saturday, 25th April, 2020 – Corn Exchange, St Catherine Street, Cupar, Fife, KY15 4BT

This 2020 Variations on a Theme Competition, will be hosted by the Fife Federation.  Part 1 of the form should be returned no later than Friday 17th January 2020.   The form, further information and rules can be downloaded from the members area of the website, login required (Committees/Education & International/Variations on a Theme).

If you have an queries please contact the Education & International Committee Events Co-ordinator at



The subject chosen by the Handcrafts  & Homeskills Committee for the 2021 Evelyn Baxter Scholarship is ‘Improve Your Basic Knitting & Finishing’. The Scholarship School will be held in SWI Headquarters from Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th May from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. The tutor will Joyce MacRae. The Scholarship pays for scholars’ travel, accommodation and tuition during the School. The scholars will be selected by interview and where possible, one will be from the north of the country and one from the south.

The Scholarship is not intended for beginners. The nominee should have a keen interest in Knitting in order to gain maximum advantage from the course. It is a condition of the Scholarship that the selected members must be willing to take classes at Federation level, without a tuition fee, during the scholarship year, although travel and accommodation costs will be paid by the Federation receiving the tuition. Each Federation should ensure that its nominee understands this condition before putting her name forward for consideration.

 From November 2019, candidates are required to submit their membership number on all applications. If no membership number is supplied the candidate cannot take part

Nominations should be sent through the Federation, to Headquarters, with brief biographical notes on the applicant.  A few additional places are available, at a cost of £200.00 to fee paying pupils. The number of fee paying pupils may be oversubscribed and therefore a ballot will be necessary. All will be notified.

 Nominations, should reach Headquarters not later than Friday 17th January 2020 and interviews will be held as soon as possible thereafter. Please contact Headquarters if after this date you have someone interested for either the scholar or fee paying pupil to check if the application can be considered. If your Federation has no nominations it would be appreciated if you would please indicate this on the form and return it by the above date.




Handcrafts Judges Certificates Spring 2020

The following information has been circulated to the Handcrafts & Homeskills & copies to the Federation Secretaries.

 Handcraft Judges Certificates will be held in the SWI Headquarters, 42 Heriot Row, Edinburgh. The dates are to be confirmed:

 Please note the subjects for 2020 – Bobbin Lace, Contemporary Embroidery, Dolls, Hand Knitting, Lampshade Making, Papercraft, Hand Quilting, Soft Furnishings, Toymaking, Trimmings, Whitework

 If you wish to apply please contact either your Handcrafts & Homeskills or Federation Secretary. The closing date for applications to be received here at SWI headquarters is Friday January 10th 2020.

 Request for Items.

 It would be greatly appreciated if you are able to provide items for these certificates.

If you can assist please contact the Handcrafts & Homeskills Events Co-ordinator at SWI headquarters. The email address is - or telephone 0131 285 7117/225 1724 to let her know what items can be provided on loan and to make arrangements for these to be brought to or delivered to headquarters office.  If items need to be delivered then postage will be reimbursed.



SWI organises national competitions in curling, stadium bowling, outdoor bowling and golf. Federations select a team(s), usually by competition, to represent them in the competition.  Further information can be obtained from the Education and International Events Co-ordinator -

Due to issues with catering at previous sports competitions, all refreshments must be ordered and paid for in advance for players and spectators.  Refreshment vouchers will be distributed on the day and these should be handed over for refreshments. 

The dates of the next National Competitions are:

 Curling Bonspiel

The next Curling Bonspiel will take place on 2 March at Dewar's Centre Ice Rink, Perth.

Stadium Bowling Competition

The next Stadium Bowling competition will take place on 20th April 2020 at Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club.

Golf Competition 2019

The next Golf Competition will take place on 24th August at Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club, Stranraer, DG9 8TB


Ruralypics takes place on 5th September at Bells Sports Centre, Perth.

Outdoor Bowling Competition

The next Outdoor Bowling competition will take place on 15th September at Bainfield Bowling Club, Edinburgh.


*Please click the side arrow to access the Guidelines relating to these events.

Sport Guidelines

For federations who are hosting, or interested in hosting, SWI Sports Competitions, you can view our Guidelines for the following:

Education & International Proficiency Certificate Schedule

Proficiency Certificate Schedule

Welcome to our Education & International Committee Proficiency Certificate Programme.
We are delighted that you are considering sitting a certificate.
The downloadable booklet will give you all the answers to any queries you may have.

Handcrafts and Homeskills Proficiency Certificate Schedules

The new schedules are now available.  For the Homeskills there will be an additional new certificate. Once completed, it will be put on to this website and the Federations in the Central area will receive this as soon as is possible.

Handcrafts Schedule

Homeskills Proficiency Schedule


Weekend Residential Schools

SWI offers members the opportunity to attend weekend schools, particularly in handcrafts and Scottish Country Dancing. These are held in suitable venues in various parts of the Scotland.

Scottish Country Dance Weekend

The 2020 Scottish Country Dance Weekend for SWI members will be held in Fisher’s Hotel, Pitlochry on 6-8 March 2020.  The application form is available to download from the members area, login is required,  (Committees/Education & International Committee/Scottish Country Dance Weekend)

Handcrafts Residential Weekend School

The next handcrafts weekend school will take place on the 3-5th April 2020 at Fisher's Hotel, Pitlochry, details can be found above.

Study Tours

SWI organises Study Tours, both abroad and to other parts of the UK, which include programmes of educational visits and meetings with members of our sister organisations.

For further information, please contact the Education and International Secretary email: