Call to Members: Expressions of Interest Required 

In light of the curator's visit from the National Museums of Scotland in April, we would like to reach out to SWI members who may be interested in helping with the curation and development of an inventory of SWI's collection of historic artefacts and items that are located in Heriot Row, Edinburgh. Having a full up-to-date inventory of our collection is essential to future proof our heritage. 

Over the decades, we have collected various items such as historic loan boxes filled with examples of exquisite craftwork, books, magazine archive, royal memorabilia, photos, slides, and many important documents that all need to be curated and protected for the future. 
We would like to establish an SWI member project group that has the time, expertise, knowledge and possibly memories of these items, to start developing a detailed inventory. This inventory will help with knowing what we have, tracking our items and creating an aide-memoire of our collection. It also provides important information should we decide to develop or exhibit our collection in the future. 
As part of the first phase, we are looking for up to 10 members who will be available to attend Edinburgh HQ over the summer week of 18th - 22nd July 2022 to take part in this project led by SWI President Anne Kerr.
In particular, we are looking for members to fulfill the following roles: 

If you would like to express interest in being involved in this project, please email us detailing your knowledge, experience and expertise to no later than June 17th 2022. We will cover members' expenses as part of the project. 
We look forward to receiving expressions of interest and please be reassured as we have a limited number of places for this phase, there will be future opportunities to get involved in a wider member working group focusing on future phases such as the future development of the collection.