Draft Strategy update

We are delighted to say that we have reached a key milestone in planning for the future of the SWI as the 8-week consultation period on the SWI Draft Strategy 2022-2025 has now closed. The main aim of the consultation was for members to participate and be included in changing the future together, as inclusiveness must be at the heart of what we do.

Members filled in online surveys and met up in small or large groups to make their feelings known – thank you to all who took part! – and we received more than 1,500 responses from every corner of the country, As this amounts to 18% of the membership we can be confident this is a good representation of views.

So what's next?
Well, we have a Social Gathering event in September for Federation office bearers and we will use this opportunity to launch the consultation findings and relate these to the wider membership. A full report will be published soon afterwards, too.

Working with the board and committees, we will review all feedback and listen to what members want to shape the SWI's future.

During the consultation period, we piloted a series of online wellbeing talks which attracted a significant amount of engagement from both members and potential members who are new to the SWI. You can access these events on our YouTube channel here or book your place on future talks here.

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If you would like to remind yourself of the Draft Strategy, please click here.