Evelyn Baxter course for 2023

Two scholars, Kay Smith of Perth & Kinross Federation and Kirsty Robb of Roxburghshire Federation, have just completed a 3-day workshop as part of Scottish Women's Institutes' respected Evelyn Baxter Scholarship programme and will be touring the country to share their skills in creating Temari balls in 2023.

What are Temari balls?
The Japanese Temari ball is a symbol of great loyalty or a valued friendship.Originally made from herbs and leather, noblewomen of Japan developed theirs from silk and kimono scraps. In modern day Japan mothers make them for their children as part of New Year's celebrations.

These soft balls wrapped in intricate geometric designs of cotton and silk threads are also a symbol of young femininity and are a common motif on both children's and young women's kimono. It is also customary to give a Temari-patterned kimono to a bride as a good-luck charm, in the hope that she will be able to build a happy family.

About Evelyn Baxter
Evelyn Baxter was very active in the Scottish Women's Rural Institutes, serving in many offices at all levels, and was Fife Federation Chair on three occasions between 1925 and 1943. Her great interest in traditional crafts and their preservation resulted in a legacy which still endures today in the form of the Evelyn Baxter Scholarship. At Miss Baxter's request, two scholars are selected each year to be expertly taught a different craft each time, with a view to them then passing on their knowledge and skill to members across Scotland.