New online training for members launches

A new Lifelong Learning and Support platform has been created to help members develop their skills in showcasing the SWI to prospective members locally, and offer support in carrying out office bearer roles. A successful launch event saw members learn how to use online creative platform Canva to create promotional leaflets and animated Facebook posts. You can see these here

Our next event focuses on Facebook as the SWI finds this the best way to reach prospective members in communities across the whole of Scotland. We also share lots of photos and info about Institutes and Federations so members can see what’s happening from Orkney to Roxburghshire and all points in-between, helping everyone to feel part of the wider SWI family.

Part 1: How to get the most out of Facebook is aimed at beginners and will offer an introduction to Facebook for those new to it, or those who would like to know more. It will demonstrate its great features and uses, and show you how to keep safe while browsing. SWI’s Digital Champions will join us so they can offer practical help to members in the weeks following the event.
Fiona Ramsay, journalist and social media expert, will lead the online session on 17th November at 7pm. Book your place here.
Part 2: How to set up a Facebook page is aimed at members and office bearers who promote their Institute or Federation. It will illustrate how to create and manage a page where you can direct members and prospective members to find the most up-to-date info on your group.
Kim McAllister, journalist and broadcaster, will lead the online session on 7th December at 7pm. Book your place here.