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ADHD in women: What you need to know
Following ADHD awareness month, the SWI have collaborated with Perth & Kinross ADHD Support Group to raise awareness across Scotland. Many women with ADHD are misdiagnosed at a young age. ADHD affects boys and girls differently, with boys being five times more likely to be diagnosed early. Most boys will show symptoms of hyperactivity whereas girls are more likely to either mask their behaviour or appear inattentive/introverted, which can often be overlooked, or dismissed as daydreaming.
Lorna Redford, Co-founder of Perth and Kinross ADHD support group, will provide a better understanding of the condition and how it affects women in particular. Book your place here.


Living well with cancer
This uplifting talk will showcase the exciting breadth of the Cancer Research UK’s work on driving progress and bringing hope to those living with cancer.
Carrie Lennon, of Cancer Research UK, will lead the online session on 17th January at 7pm. Details will be announced soon – check here for info.