Royal Highland Show 2023

Each year Scottish Women’s Institutes collaborates with the Royal Highland Show to manage the Handcrafts Competition.

This is a 10-day labour of love for the Royal Highland Show committee and a huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes, for which we would like to thank all involved. Each year, the committee’s first role is to create a theme and schedule for the year ahead, and this is then approved by the Royal Highland Show.

Here is a sneak peek at the proposed schedule for 2023 so you can get thinking about what you would like to make. The competition is open to all and is international in its reach. As entry numbers were lower in 2022, probably as a result of Covid-19, we encourage you to have a go and take part. Who knows, you might just end up with a prize! Even if you don’t, it’s still a thrill to say you were a contender!

Theme: Rainbow

Section A
Medley of crafts
Theme: Rainbow colours

1 Mother’s Day card, any technique.
2 Sewn box cushion with zip and pad.
3 Beadwork flower.
4 Felted spring wreath.
5 2D picture in needle felting, incorporating a rainbow.
6 Fruit basket in any basketry technique.
7 Model of a sheep in clay.
8 Painting inspired by ‘Over the rainbow’ in any medium (ready to be hung).
9 Painting of flower(s) in watercolour (ready to be hung).
10 Photo of a rainbow, mounted (ready to be hung).
11 Photo of autumn colours, mounted (ready to be hung).
12 A picture in quilling, in a box frame.
13 Doormat-sized rag rug.
14 Unicorn toy, any technique.

Section B
Trio made by the same person
Theme: Gold

15 Three items, three different crafts, displayed on a 30cm square board. Crafts to be identified.

Section C
For novice exhibitors only (i.e. those who have not entered the RHS Handcrafts Championships previously)
16 A bookmark in any technique.

Section D
Theme: Shades of blue

17 Shawl
18 Article using granny squares.

Section E
Hand Knitting
Theme: Shades of purple
19 Cot blanket, incorporating a minimum of five different knitting techniques.
20 Knitted hat, any ply.
21 Adult’s socks, 4 ply.
22 Child’s jumper, any ply.
23 An article other than a shawl in fine lace knitting.

Section F
Handspinning, weaving and dyeing
Theme: Golden shears
24 Hank of Shetland yarn, 2 ply extra fine hank of Shetland yarn for lace knitting. Hand spun from Shetland sheep. Include a sample of fleece staple.
25 Three hanks of hand spun yarn using different natural fibres and dyes inspired by the theme, mounted on card and identifying plant sources.
26 Hank of fancy yarn (I.e. slub, loop or spiral). Specify intended use and small worked sample.
27 An article in home spun yarn, knitted, crocheted or woven.
28 A belt in any hand weaving technique.
29 A shopping bag, any hand weaving technique.

Section G
Lace and tatting
30 A fan in two or more colours inspired by the colours of the sky (day or night), in any lacemaking technique.
31 A 2D or 3D article in any lacemaking technique, using two or more colours.
32 A lace edging at least 25cm in length in any lacemaking technique. It does not have to be mounted – it could be used to frame a picture, for example).
Note: All types of lacemaking are acceptable – traditional, contemporary, bobbin, tatting, crochet and needlelace.

Section H
Theme: Colours of the spectrum
33 Picture in cross stitch (ready to be hung).
34 Freestyle machine embroidery table mat.
35 Item in crewel embroidery.
36 Canvas covered footstool.

Section I
Patchwork, applique and quilting
Theme: The Wizard of Oz
37 Patchwork toy.
38 Applique bodywarmer.
39 Quilted wall hanging inspired by the theme.

Section J
40 Collage in rainbow colours. Age: Up to and including 4 years.
41 Sock puppet. Age: 5-8.
42 Vase of five paper flowers. Age: 9-13.
43 Model of a sheep farm. Group entry, any age.
44 Decorated plant pot. For members of Scottish Women’s Institutes’ Young Dippers groups.

Section K
Crooks and walking sticks
45 Neck crook. Plain wood head, one or two piece.
46 Neck crook. Plain horn head.
47 Neck crook. Fancy horn head.
48 Neck crook. Fancy wood head, one or two piece.
49 Walking stick. Plain wood, one or two piece.
50 Walking stick. Plain horn head.
51 Walking stick. Fancy wood, one or two piece.
52 Walking stick. Fancy horn head.
53 Leg creek, horn.
54 Leg creek, wood.
55 Thumb stick, horn or wood.
56 Walking stick. Plain or fancy buffalo horn.
57 Half head sportsman’s stick.
58 Stick suitable for a lady.
59 Walking stick, horn head. Class open to competitors who have not previously been awarded a first prize for a stick at the RHS.
60 Walking stick, horn or wood. Class open to novices (i.e. competitors who have not exhibited their work before or won a prize for a stick at the RHS).
61 Walking stick, horn or wood. Class open to juniors (aged 16 and under).
Note: All sticks to have been made since June 2022.