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Triennial National Conference 2018

This years National Conference will take place on Saturday 8th September within Perth Concert Hall, Perth.
The theme of the conference is 'Going Strong a Future For All'

 Confirmed Speakers are Nick Newman from ACWW, and Ingred Kilner.

Cost of registration for Voting Delegates and Visiting Members is £18. Visitor and Delegate Forms have been sent to federations. Last date of registration is 10th August 2018.

Registration will take place from 9.15am with conference commencing at 10.30am.

Visitor Members Form be downloaded from the Events section of the Members Area and returned to HQ with payment or alternatively payment can be made by BACS.


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Meet your office bearers

A new team of office bearers was appointed following the central council in May.

Linda Retson, National Chairman

Anne Kerr, Senior Vice Chairman

Anne Howat, Junior Vice Chairman

Molly Sangster, Honorary National Treasurer

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Sewing Blog

What a pleasure sewing has given women like Janet Hunter (85), a member of Broughton Institute, in Peeblesshire, who has penned her memories of the different sewing stages she has experienced – and for whom we have fulfilled her ambition of seeing her words published online in her first ever sewing blog.

Janet’s blog takes a look back at the changing trends that her lifelong hobby has gone through. Who knew that sewers were early pioneers of recycling, or the lengths they would go to ensure tables were dressed in style and grace?

My Nostalgic ‘Sew-Journ’

By Janet Hunter

While gathering together some pieces of sewing in an effort to create some order out of chaos, I reflected on the way my sewing journey had evolved through my lifetime and how times have changed so much that some of my projects would require some explaining to the younger members of my family. Now in my 86th year I recalled the different stages of my life which led to different reasons for sewing.


The Bottom Drawer

On hearing about this phenomenon my grandchildren’s reaction was one of open-mouthed wide-eyed incredulity. What is a bottom drawer? Why would you have one?

Given their response, I too became to wonder why anyone would need so many embroidered table cloths and matching napkins and tray cloths, no less! The shower cloth puzzled them – could one use it in the shower? Some explanation was required.

I have kept the above items. They have not been entirely unused but the need for them has diminished over the years. With tongue firmly in cheek, I intend to leave them to my grandchildren in my will and there will be much hilarity.

I must mention the long-ago whist drives of which were many in my rural community. A bonnie, hand-embroidered cloth to cover the card table after play, the best bone china cups and saucers and a three-tiered cake stand were de rigueur! I keep quiet about these delusions of grandeur. Everyone did it. Not just me!


The Home Making and Dress Making Stage

At the time intricate embroidery was not a priority. As a busy wife and mother, my leisure hours were spent knitting small cardigans from patterns costing 3d. Evenings were spent sewing small skirts and kilts and fashioning pinafores and dresses from the grown ups’ cast offs. I must inform my grandchildren that I had recycling down to a fine art!

Making curtains and cushion covers, pegging Readicut rugs were ongoing necessities. Completion of these items gave much satisfaction and saved money.

This was also the era of the dress-making evening class, where one learned to tackle amazingly complicated procedures. Inserting zips, engineering a plaquet and invisible hemming come to mind.

The results of my efforts during this stage were useable and wearable. Needless to say, nothing is left of these in my hoard. The grandchildren will be euphoric when they hear that!

The Sewing for Pleasure Stage

The pressure is off. Now is the time to indulge myself. There is no pressing reason to produce items for the home or for wearing. This stage seemed long in coming. Indeed it was only after retirement that I took up my embroidery needle again. I was keen to try as many techniques as possible and now in my collection I have samples or stumpwork, goldwork, crewel embroidery Calico gardens, Bargello and many other intricate works. No longer bottom drawer, more top drawer, if I say so myself.

Demonstrations at the SWI and the help and encouragement from members of my local Embroiderers’ Guild have provided me with much enjoyment of my craft.

My lovely daughter, who was often a reluctant recipient of my dress making stage now seems keen to encourage me and I was delighted to receive a splendid, commodious sewing box from her at Christmas.

Will there be a Fourth Stage?

Readers of this blog, particularly those of my vintage, will perhaps relate to my experiences and the stages I have mentioned. My grandchildren will be amused at my use of that current terminology. They are doing all they can to gently steer me into this age of rapidly advancing technology.

From curtain net to the internet, what pleasure I have had in between.

Save Scottish Crafts Campaign

Lorraine says:  “I’m very happy to support the ‘Save Scottish Crafts Campaign’. I learned knitting at school and find it therapeutic and a real stress buster!”

Whilst handcrafts are no longer taught in schools and anecdotal evidence suggesting some people cannot tackle basic tasks like sewing a button onto a garment, the SWI fears that handcraft skills could be in danger of dying out.

Yet there is an appetite among women to take up handcrafts: an SWI survey carried out two years ago showed dressmaking, knitting and crochet in the top 10 skills women in Scotland would like to learn. The poll included cooking and arts and crafts among the top skills women would like to develop, other areas in which the SWI is renowned for.

Youtube link to film of Judy Murray and Martel Maxwell knitting



Scottish Dogs Discriminated Against for Colour of their Fur to be Helped by Coats of Many Colours

Dozens of homeless dogs in Scottish rescue centres are being discriminated against because of the colour of their fur - but now an army of knitters from The Scottish Women’s Institutes has stepped in to help the pooches find their forever homes by creating colourful woollen overcoats.

Black Dog Syndrome results in dark-coated dogs being overlooked by potential new owners in favour of those that are lighter-coloured. It means that dogs with black or dark fur tend to remain in the care of The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA) for longer periods of time.

After learning about the discrimination being faced by the homeless hounds, SWI approached fellow charity the Scottish SPCA offering their members’ services to knit ‘coats of many colours.’ It is hoped the technicoloured coats – created as part of the celebrations to mark 100 years of the SWI – will make dark-coloured dogs more attractive to potential re-homers.

Read more >

Colourful Dogs Courtesy of the SWI

SWI national chairman Christine Hutton says, “We are encouraging our members to pick up their knitting needles and help a homeless hound. It’s a mission to help end Black Dog Syndrome, a phenomenon whereby potential new owners overlook black dogs in favour of their lighter-coated counterparts. 

“Some of Scotland’s top craftswomen are making multi-coloured dog coats in aid of homeless pets desperately seeking loving new homes – to boost their appeal and help them become rehomed more quickly.

“It’s sad to think of black dogs being less appealing simply because of the colour of their coat, but we hope that our knitters will be able to kit them out in coats of many colours and improve the chances of them being rehomed more quickly.”




NEW! The SWI Cookbook is jam packed with recipes guaranteed to fulfil all tastes!


From simple starters and scrumptious soups through to mouth-watering main courses and delightful deserts, the cookbook has been created by members, professional chefs and celebrity chefs including:

  • Neil Forbes
  • Lady Claire Macdonald OBE
  • Nick Nairn
  • Tony Singh

Indulge in a mix of traditional and contemporary dishes and try out new meals for you and your family and friends.

The perfect gift to yourself, or to your friends and family! 

Breast Cancer Now, TLC Campaign - touch, look, check

SWI joins forces with breast cancer charity to save lives

Scottish Women's Institutes is partnering with Scotland’s leading breast cancer charity in a determined effort to improve early detection of breast cancer. In this, our centenary year, we are championing measures that can help stop women dying from the disease.
Statistics show that less than half of all women in Scotland check their breasts regularly and anecdotal evidence tells us that there are women who feel intimidated about attending screening clinics. Yet these are simple actions that can save lives as they can help find cancer at an early stage when treatment is most likely to be successful.

Promoting screening attendance and self-checks is at the heart of our year-long campaign being run in association with Breast Cancer Now Scotland.

Click here for full article>
Click here for breast check guide>

Has cancer touched your life? Throughout 2017, and our campaign in partnership with Breast Cancer Now, we will be looking to find real life stories of how people have been impacted by the disease. Share your story with us at magazine@theswi.org.uk


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