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Join Scottish Women's Institutes and meet local women to learn, share, and have fun. Becoming a member provides you with an opportunity to meet up in person or meet online, and learn new skills and discover new activities that you will enjoy.

With hundreds of Women's Institutes across Scotland, there is a place for every woman. We embrace equality, diversity and inclusion.

Membership Benefits

Joining the SWI provides a range of tangible benefits including:


In addition to the above, there are many other benefits and arguably more important in being an SWI member:

Option 1. SWI Membership

The national membership fee is £25 you can apply by simply filling in the form to join up and make payment. OR you can engage directly with your local Institute or Federation and apply for membership through them. An additional small fee may be payable at meetings to cover venue costs etc  

Option 2. SWI Independent Membership

If you would prefer to be an independent member, which involves not being affiliated to an Institute but you would like access to the membership benefits. The annual fee is £25. Please note, you will have the ability to vote but cannot stand for an elected position.

For membership inquiries, please contact: 

Registered Members

You can access the Members Area for more information and inspiration if you are already a registered member. Please login Alternatively, if you are already a member of the SWI but have not yet registered your details on our new website, please sign up here so that you have access the SWI Members Area.